On 06/02/14 19:10, David Michelson wrote:
> Dear Michelle,
> Thank you this is an excellent model which we will copy (and I
> am not just saying that because I am a Hoosier, though I am).
> I see that in both replies with examples on this list so far
> the whole encyclopedia is one TEI file. Does anyone on this
> list have a strong opinion about a single file approach vs
> making each encyclpedia article its own XML file?

Hi Dave,

I was thinking about this for awhile and I suppose it depends 
partly on how you view the construction of the resource and on 
the amount of metadata one might have for any individual article. 
If you foresee significant metadata then an individual files each 
with their own teiHeader might be sufficient.  Otherwise you may 
be able to have your articles as starting with the 'text' element 
and thus use a text/group/text organisation in a main file where 
you gave your overall metadata. This needn't mean that everything 
must be in one 'file'. One TEI document may comprise many 
individual files on disk, with them being XIncluded in where 
necessary. (The TEI Guidelines do this -- they are separate files 
on disk but constitute one TEI file overall.) Modifying your TEI 
ODD customisation so that it enables you to start with 'TEI' or 
with 'text' is fairly easy. (You add an additional value to the 
schemaSpec/@start attribute.)


Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford