On 20/02/14 09:08, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I dont think TEIs sameAs means what is needed here.

Me neither.

> so:
> <person xml:id=d">
> 	<persName>David</persName>
> </person>
> <person xml:id=s">
> 	<persName>Syd</persName>
> </person>
> <relation
>    ref="skos:closeMatch"
>    active=#d"
>    passive=#s/>

This implies that David is disguised as "Syd" , whereas  @active="#d #s" 
would imply that "Syd" and "David" are both disguises of the same person.

The more I think about this, however, the less convinced I am that using 
<person> in this way makes  sense.  Isn't the whole point about a 
disguise that it's *not* the same kind of entity as a real person, but 
more like an assumed name? I think I'd rather propose a new "persona" 
element, member of model.stateLike, with some substructure if you wish, 
but otherwise behaving like <persName>.

> (or similar).
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