On 01/02/2014 09:27, BPJ wrote:
> Why not ï ë along with ü ö ä for front vowels as in
> Americanist usage, so that the umlaut means "flip
> back-frontness".

Great minds obviously think alike   :)

That's exactly what occurred to me when I read Pete's email.

>> On 1/31/2014 7:31 PM, Pete Bleackley wrote:
>> I'm thinking of writing my front rounded vowels as ü
>> and ö, but what
>>> would be a good diacritic to use for the back
>>> unrounded vowels?
>>> Pete

What I've never liked about the Turkish system was the use
of dotted and undotted i; i ~ ı.

I'm told causes problems with cursiv script.

I once came up with diacritic-less scheme for Turkish (more
or less, depending whether you count _ø_ as _o_ with a
diacritic going through it, or as a separate letter), thus:

Atatürk: a e i ı o u ö ü
     Me:  a e i y o w ø u

But I guess _w_ = /u/ is too Welsh    ;)

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