> I've found just the opposite, that translations have helped to define more
> clearly and stabilize my Tirėlat vocabulary. To the extent that Tirėlat is
> still an awful mess, it's largely due to my excessive meddling before I
> settled on using Tirėlat as a Sangari language.
> Words that I've actually used in a text, even when it's a translation,
> seem to have a kind of legitimacy that I don't feel from words sitting in a
> vocabulary list.

That is my creative process as well.  I did use the old langmake program
about 12 years ago, when my corpus had about 50 words, total.  I kept some
of them, but I have not used a list generator sense.  I can't really get
the feel for a word by coming up with a list of topics and coining a word
for each.  That's why Angosey's biased heavily towards emotional
descriptors, metaphors for vision, is a language that I use for a
diary, and it gains only those words I find necessary to have.

In fact, Angosey has no way of saying: Can I please have an apple?  Thank

Ah, the dangers of lexical solipsism!  But I digress.

I can speak for the urge to "live" one's conlang (and I do, in a sense),
but like others have said today, I find it odd to impose it on other
people.  I did not always feel thus, but I do now.  I mean, who can
understand your heartlang the way you do?  Who would want to, and why?