Oh my, I think we could have a YAEPT on almost every one of those words. At least, many certainly don't match my "SA" pronunciation!!! Admittedly, the author is British, but still......

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On 01/02/2014 23:58, MorphemeAddict wrote:
> Oh, no...!

I'm afraid you have!

"A quick brown fox ..." type of sentence is known as a
pangram.  The sort of sentence you want would be a 'phonemic

Justin Rye discusses what he calls 'phonetic pangrams':

Yep - sorry, but we sure have a YAEPT here   ;)

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>> I'm not aware of one, but you do realize you just
>> spawned YAEPT that will go on and on and on and never
>> aanswer your question. But instead spawn aguements
>> about how many phonemes there are in whose dialect.
>> Sigh.

Sigh, indeed!

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