Today, by my calculations, is exactly halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. Surely a cause for celebration, as it in on Cindu (although their Mid-winter day is quite a ways off.)

In Kash:
cinekmim ri latondrelen tera mende me rungota re letrayu-- lero 3, ašurak 2, pehandi 2014, yale lero cinini locanifa. mitovar re hile yaleto lalu le˝ i minda, ombi hikaya re lerošni mende lavi ilivek ifaram. cumicu yukatro locatroše.

Our Emissary on planet Earth has informed me that today 3/2/2014, is mid-winter day. We hope you will have a good and joyous festival, for you know that the days are already longer and warmer. Soon it will be(come) Spring. 

H.E.The Karun of Holunda

In Gwr:
s q ya m˛w o mu-pang i daw-hu doyh-xyong. s q lyay-lyay daw mu-pang n  tsi:ng-tsi:ng pi o s ng.á
baw-da l ng hu hoq-teq Chaw Ta

We have learned that today is the mid-winter festival on your planet. We trust that your festival will be joyous, like our own.
Bau-Da President Chau-Ta