Dear Conlang List!

Since John Cowan passed the sceptre of administration to me, I've been your benevolent dictator.  This change happened a long time ago, and I was quite active then, but now, I am not arround much on this list anymore.  I have waited too long to announce my resignation, but now finally I do:

I will resign from my administrator task of the Conlang mailing list.

Before doing that, I will handle one last thing and conduct a proper democratic (or let's call it benevolently dictatorial) election of my successor.

So what does the successor need to do?  Well, not much, since this list is traditionally well-behaved and kicking people out happens very, very seldom. But, well, that would be such a thing: if in all unlikelyhood someone repeatedly disturbs the list unacceptably, the administrator has the power to exclude that person.

The most important thing to do is supporting people who need help concerning anything related to this mailing list.  In total, this also does not take up very much time.

Another thing would be tweaking the technical settings of the list, like maximum allowed messages per day, etc.  In all those years, I think I never changed a thing. 

Finally, the administrator is also able to change the look of the website. I've done that once, but the means you get from the listserv software is very much last millenium, so it is not as much fun as it could be.

For the election, I suggest a two step approach: I will be accepting proposals for a new administrator from all people on the list.  I will then ask each person whether they would be willing to do the job.  I don't see a reason to exclude self-proposals, so let's allow them.

In a second step, I will set up a poll where members on this list can elect their new admin.  The winner will get the job.  If there is a tie, we can do a run-off.

So, starting with the first step: please send proposals for an administrator of the Conlang list to:

    [log in to unmask]

To make it easy for me, each proposal should contain in the body of the message a line:

    I propose: <[log in to unmask]>

i.e., I need the email address of the person you suggest, and this email address must be a member of Conlang-L, so please check that you see the person's email address in postings to the list in exactly the same way you propose it.

I'll be accepting proposals until
   February 19th, 2014, 0:00 UTC

As proposals come in, I'm going to ask the proposed whether they are willing to run for election.

Best regards,
   Henrik (Your Benevolent Dictator)