Puey McCleary <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I do wish that there were some sort of exchange program for seasons and
> months too.  Do we really need 31 days of August?  Wouldn't we all rather
> be happier with only 7 days of it?  And February is such an interesting
> month - let's get another week or two of it while we're at it.  May I 
> trade
> a September hurricane week for a hail storm?  There's got to be a way to
> make this deal happen.
> I am a little surprised no one's brought up Calendar reform yet, though ...

Well, if we *must* go about exchanging things and reforming things, then I
say we trade all of December through February's nasty cold weather here
in Upperpondia for the much more temperate and warm weather they most
unfairly have got going on down in Underpondia at that same time!

Thus, the reformed calendar would look like this:

March through May = spring
June through August = summer
September through November = fall
Underember, Enzeduary, & Ozruary = second summer

Hey presto! All problems solved!