Eric Christopherson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I'm wondering if any con- or natlang uses a <yh> digraph. Recently, 
> when we were discussing English <wh>, I was struck (not for the first 
> time) by how aesthetically pleasing I think <wh> is compared to <hw> 
> -- but how awful <yh> or <jh> look compared to <hy> or 
> <hj>.

There is a part of a conlang text (dunno what it means yet): cuoloit yherew e sicrants

Beyond the Ocean of Sunrise, there is in the lands of Alaria a river called Yhena. Also,
on the Bay of Bonnung in that same country was the city that hight Yhesoubu. Far to
the north, along the coasts of the Sea of Congealed Waters, is the land of a tribe of
Dhal known as Yhett Dhal.

I actually rather like the look of yh and jh.