My sources for Kalusa were, if I remember right, a partial dictionary that
I found on Gary Shannon's old webpage, courtesy of the Way-back machine.  I
was only able to find bits and pieces of this page, however, so perhaps the
dictionary was more complete than what I could find.  I also found some
words in David Peterson's Smiley Award from 2006.  I probably found a few
other words written on bubble-gum cards.

Looking at Jim Henry's page, I am pleased to see that the Saga of Malia and
Kuana exists, since I had not been able to find it before.  In fact, all
that I knew of it were just a few tantalizing hints from the Smiley Award.
 I see many words and constructions that I had never found before.  Also,
it seems that Kalu is the name of the island where the Kalusa language is

When the Kalusa project happened, I don't think I had ever even heard the
word "conlang," before, so I found out about it on the playground as a bit
of conlang-lore from casual mentions within this group.  I feel a little
sad that the language had passed, especially since it did so before I ever
heard of it.  It seems that about every week on the Facebook Conlang page,
someone is beginning a new Collaborative Conlang project (as well as
Spelling Reform, the Auxiliary Language that will Finally Conquer
Esperanto, and a new Brand of Super-Cool Quenya), but there is nary a
mention of Kalusa at all.

Now that I am aware of Jim Henry's page, I think that, between it and this
partial dictionary, one could reconstruct a fun version of Kalusa.  I won't
be the one to do it, though.  It would require a lot of patience and
perhaps should be done by someone who was with Kalusa from the beginning.

Besides, I just wanted to write a couple of silly sentences.  And spread
awareness of Conlang Abandonment.

Long Live Kalusa!