2014-02-09 17:23 GMT+01:00 Guilherme <[log in to unmask]>:
>> *T'ot'o umani nask'an libari e ekvali en dzegnit'a e en dzirtkhi. Eli son
>> dot'at dze rats'eona e k'onts'ints'a e dzevan jer ina alt'ri **k'on uno
>> sp'rito dze prat'ranit'a.*
> As a native portuguese speaker i say that it really doesn't feel romance but i could understand part of the text with relative ease and some more after thinking about it. It took a while but i understood the whole text.

Yes, I could understand it as well! First, I was intimidated by its
appearance, but as you said you could read it, I tried it and noted
that it's not that difficult. It's just the written form that it's

Anyway, what is "to look/sound Romance" exactly? To sound similar to
Italian and Spanish? So, French doesn't look nor sound Romance either.
Maybe we just have a too narrow notion of Romance language.

From what I read in forums, many (most?) people feel that spoken
Portuguese doesn't sound Romance/Latin. Many say it sounds as Russian
or Russian trying to speak Spanish. But I guess most people will agree
that it *looks* Romance when written.

> That is a very interesting experiment and the other people i showed that could also understand it.