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> Has anyone yet created an OS-level keyboard layout* that allows you to
> type X-SAMPA or something close to it (e.g. CXS), and outputs actual IPA
> characters?
> I'm not sure if my googling is not up to par, or if they just don't exist
> yet.
> * I'm especially looking for Mac and Linux solutions. I have a few Vim
> mappings like that, which do work nicely, but I'd like something that
> doesn't depend on being in Vim.

On Linux, any good input method framework will have an X-SAMPA input method
:). I used to use uim, but have now switched to Ibus (for the simple reason
that it was installed by default when I upgraded my computer ;) ). Both
have an IPA-X-SAMPA input method that allows one to input IPA by typing
X-SAMPA (true X-SAMPA, not CXS). It's generally a separate package from the
main framework, but it's easy to install using your distribution's package
manager :).

If you're using Ubuntu, Ibus is nowadays installed by default, but you have
to activate it to be able to use it (you'll find it in the Settings
screen). Once that is done, you can configure it with the input methods you
want to use. If the one you need is not in the list, it just means that
it's packaged separately and you need to install it via the Software
Centre. The relevant package is normally called "ibus-table-ipa-x-sampa".

That's what I use myself, and I'm pretty happy with it.
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