Conlang List,

Greetings! I know I've been entirely in active on this list for some 
time now. My life has taken a busy turn (to put it lightly). I've 
obtained a position as a high school art teacher this year, have to 
finish my teaching certificate at night school and am hard at work on a 
graphic novel I'm publishing as a web-comic as I seek out a publisher 

That said, I'm still working on my conlangs. In fact, the graphic novel 
web-comic is a continuation of the Chadhiyana comic I published a year 
and a half ago which included some names (Chadhiyana included) in four 
of my invented languages. As it happens, the graphic novel includes some 
names in two additional languages and even sentences in the one 
language. I'm still toying with names such as Jiwutu or Jumbayawutu or 
even Jumba for name of the latter language. It's meant to mirror Bantu 
languages, especially Swahili (most of my conlangs "borrow" much of 
their structure from existing real world languages to better represent 
the cultures I'm also "borrowing" from in my fantasy world). And, of 
course, the nice thing about an on-line publication is that I can still 
make adjustments to the language as the work is being published--which 
is necessary as I'm still fine tuning a lot of my conlangs.

Anyway, you can all check out the language in action on pages 23 - 27 of 
the graphic novel, though hopefully you'll read the whole thing as it's 
published so far (page 27 is the most recent page; the Prologue of the 
book, however, is told through visuals alone--no words). 
Jiwutu/Jumbayawutu/Jumba will be spoken at least one other time at the 
end of Chapter I (there's still some months to go before I reach 
that--I'm only publishing a page a week as the art takes me an average 
of 15 hours per page), but at least there's a sample for now (with a 
translator built into the story to give you the gist of what's being 
said--though he doesn't translate word for word). Again, the graphic 
novel can be found on

One more thing: a big thank you to whoever added me to the FrathWiki 
Conlangers Bibliography! I'm very honoured to be included in the list, 
especially because I feel my attempts at conlanging are amateurish 
compared to the plethora of skilled practitioners on the Conlang List. 
Really, thank you much.

That's all for now. Happy Conlanging. And, for the State-side members, I 
hope you're all keeping warm during this insane weather.

All the Best,
J. M. DeSantis
Write-ist (Writer & Artist)

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