Hello Bettina,

I hope to meet you at the London gathering of conlangers at the time of WorldCon. I hope you will share your research with us before then. I also hope you might consider using the "standard" orthography <conlang> rather than <ConLang>, since only the former has currency among conlangers.

What area of linguistics is your specialism? I'm curious about how one gets into researching conlangs. Off the top of my head I can't think of a linguistician who has done research on conlangs before; Sally Caves is not primarily a linguistician, and Arika Okrent has a doctorate in linguistics but her book is not really academic research; Marina Yaguello is a linguistician, tho it's questionable whether _Les fous de langage_ counts as research on conlangs. Oh yes -- there's a slew of publications by Alan Libert: that counts as academic research on conlangs by a linguistician. I wonder if anybody can think of any other examples?  Maybe loads have appeared in recent years without me noticing?

I am an alumnus of Anglia Ruskin, btw, in one of its earlier incarnations, 1983--85. I feel the deepest affection for it.


Bettina Beinhoff, On 11/02/2014 17:24:
> Dear ConLangers,
> Since I have made only one or two very modest posts to this list so far, I
> would like to introduce myself before I dare to ask you for a favour.
> My name is Bettina and I'm a linguist. I'm very interested in ConLangs and
> luckily my current employer (Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, UK)
> encourages me to pursue research in this area. I am now starting my first
> ConLang-related project which looks at how languages are constructed.
> More specifically, I would like to find out about your decision-making
> processes when constructing the sound systems of your languages. To this
> end, I have designed an online questionnaire. I would be very grateful if
> as many of you as possible would take the time to fill in this
> questionnaire; it should take about 15-20 minutes, depending on how long
> and detailed your answers are.
> Link to questionnaire:
> Please bear in mind that I have never really constructed a language before,
> so if any of my questions should seem too simplistic or naive then please
> be patient with me.
> I will present the results of this study (which will be explained in more
> detail in the opening sections of the online questionnaire) at this year's
> WorldCon in London (and it would be great to see many of you there). I will
> also post a summary of the results on this list.
> Please feel free to forward this message to any ConLangers who may not be
> on this list.
> With many thanks and best wishes,
> Bettina