Possible ideas is to look at the larger Native American language groups and 
see what they have in common?

And see if you can create a "unified" lingo?

Athabaskan for one, is in Alaska, Western Canada and Western Oregon and then 
in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada or ...

Navajo and Apache are two.
Gwichin and Kuyukon in Alaska are two, and there is more. Some talk of the 
Tlinghit being them as well, but they seem to be much like the Kiowa-Apache, 
they are Kiowa but been around the Apache so long they have blended some 
culturally and word borrowing and like.

Chilkoot Jargon is an idea for a possible trade tongue?

What about tribes along the Mississippi and Misouri valley/river network and 
work up from there?

Tejas, extinct or ... (where the name Texas came from?)

And who/what else? I know the Missouri gets close enough to the area the 
Chilkoot trading network was likely to have gotten, and .. They was doing  a 
Haploid B study along the west coast of North America and seeing how far the 
male DNA got down the coast? Haploid is the part of the DNA passed from male 
to their children, but only the male children pass it to their children, and 
the famale child does not..

Also would be interesting to see if there is any Hawaiian and like DNA in 
the mix and not just recent times. The Tlinghit indians and Haida and like, 
have some art forms and like that speak to me of a contact between them and 
the Hawaiians or someone related to them?

I do find it odd how the Tahitians and like Polynesians got as far east as 
Easter Island but then did not make in Pacific ocean size the small jump to 
the west coast  of South America, but then made the 1000+ miles migration to 
the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiia and more?).

Algonquins and like? They was from the NE and had pushed the Souix out of 
the NE and into the Plains, the Mandan was the last stationary ones, the 
rest took up horses and migration? Or what?

But yes the Mound Builders/Mississippian culture and ideal looked like they 
had some possible connection with the Aztec and not just with the Ute-Aztec 
people in New Mexico or (Grand Canyon and the Anasazi?).

Sadly with the Caribs extinction, its hard to prove any cross the sea 

Oregon now, but was SE Alaska, Anchorage, Nome and then North Pole.

Masi/AnaBasi - supposed from the French words for Thank you?
Quyanna - Inupiaq
also they used Taygu (Thank you modified for Inupiaq/Yupik sounds and like?)
eeyampsatahnaholiq - Siberian Yupik my spelling.
Suncuqcheez - Tlinghit.
I forget how to say thank  you in Haida or Tsimshian.. (they moved into 
Alaska in c.1920?)

But yes, the Navajo and like can understand some of the languages of 
Interior Alaska, basic stuff. Good idea for a Nat or Alt or Trade Tongue or 


I used to threaten my Athabaskan friends to redo Romeo and Juliet but make 
one from one group of Athabakans and the other from the other and show 
insane it is to hold on to old grudges..