Fü Margareļ was a Jarda translation of Irina Rempt's "Hanleni halsen" 
(The Starlings' Song).

After I translated the text, I wrote a melody for it, and created a 
tuning for it. A whole new kind of temperament actually, which has 
126/125 as a comma. This way of tuning has come to be known as starling 

Now I've got the start of an Utau voice bank for Jarda, and I've used 
this song as a test case. Introducing Zêl Mok.

Têz jêźriag rêlta margai;
Courageous deeds are spoken with the song of the starling;

ṛŭnma źana gṛamŏd muğa;
The heron washes himself in the rain of morning;

virṛa mav pôṛ ļôn xaṛ łômôṛ;
The lark admires the sacred stars in the darkest night;

sôṛa bêzlu ṛemag tiṛi?
Who actually perceives the truth about birds?

Here's an old recording of me saying the words from the song for comparison.

Now, since Jarda is a Sangari language, these words for birds will have 
to mean some kind of bird-like local animals, if they mean anything at 
all. So I may eventually want to write new words for the song, or figure 
out what the local animals are.