Revisising Miksa/Monuhe so as to consolidate and organize it better.


Mission Statement:Why I am creating this.
Vowels: Done
Consonants: Done
Phonology: Done

How to describe the natural universe and express it to others as well as

Self (masculine)
Self (feminine)
Individual non-self
Individual non-self
Individual non-self
Group Inclusive
Group Non-inclusive


The lingo Monuhe (Living, very positive, say) Lingo in progress.


a = ah (Law/father)
e = eh (Let/nest)
i = ih (Lynn/it)
o = oh (Low)
u = uh (Fun)
@ = ae (first A in Adams/ask)

b       = best
d       = dave
dh      = the th in then
p       = piss
ph (f)  = fart
g       = go
gh (j)  = jap
h       = help
k       = kill, Q in queen
l       = lap
m       = men
n       = new
r       = right
s       = sit
sh (S)  = sh in shit
t       = time
th      = th in bath
v       = very
w       = u in queen
hw      = wh in what
y       = yes
z       = zap
zh (Z)  = the s in measure

p = piss
b = beat
t = tie
d = dead
k = key
g = go
f = fat
v = verb
s = sit
z = zap
x = hw/when (but written x below)
x = not KS but another sound.
h = hat
m = men
n = need
w = (the "u" as in Queen).
r = trilled r.
l = line
j = j (Jar)
y = yet
Z = the sh in Measure
S = shit (written Sh below)
N = -n
X = why (written Hw or x below)
Semi-worldwide Phonology:


        Labial  Dental  Palatal Velar   Glottal

Plosive p b     t d             k g
Fric    f v     s z     (S,Z)   (x G)   h
Nasal   m       n       (J)     (N)
Contin  w       r l     j


        Front   Central Back
Close   i (I)   (1)     u (U)
Mid     e (E)   (@)     o (O)
Open    ({)     a       (A Q)

aeiou =
AEIOU = lay, lee, lie, low, lyou

@ (AE, as the first A in Adams, OE: AE).

some times a ng sound (sing), as well as Kh (Loch), and a few others
that I have not logged yet.

How to do they, as in "They Saw" something.

If the group is all males, then its

If the group is all females, then its

If the group is mixed then its

How do you say describe! Or is the name descriptive enough. Such as


To designate giving or taking away, the first name is the object that
initiates action, so if I were to take something from John, I would
state that "I : negative constructive : the object : John.


I : action gained ball : john

If John gave me the ball then it might be:
John : positive constructive : the object : I (name)

(EXAMPLES: I am angry with her - An emne Anho -
        1 : emotion, negative : 1 female
        It is assumed the above is present case.)

Will give       = Nogopo (Future tense)
Did give        = Nogope (Past tense)
Gave            = Nogopo (Present tense)
Might Give      = Nogoy (What if tense)
Should give     = Nogo
Has to give     = Nogo


        Normally physically action is constructive or destructive.
        but if the action is a non-physical action, then it is negative and
        positive. So the constructive is not always needed, only if the
        action is obviously destructive or not at all, then use the

Emotions are normally negative or positive, unless the emotion is so
damaging that the person/being is showing physical failure cause of
said emotions.
Actions are normally constructive or destructive: If the action is
obviously destructive then use the destructive, or the neutral (when in

To add extra emphasis to emotions, actions and such, then just double
the constenant Ak=Akk (pronounced Akh, hard Kh).
Extra emphasis or to go beyond the parameters, just double the constanent.
So if the action modified is Extremely destructive, then to make it more so
it becomes DDa (DD=Dh), it can be written Dha.


a               =       ba
singular        =       ba
action/verb     =       ak
ACTION:         = Ak (for any action)
        Very weak action= Aka
        Weak Action     = Ake
        Action          = Aki (or as Ak)
        Strong Action   = Ako
        Very Strong
         Action         = Aku
        (see below on usages).
ancient (tense) =       pa
anger (emotion) =       sesha (see red)
angry           =       emne (neg emo)
arachnid        =       buip (spider, eight leg)
back            =       do (actually top)
bacteria        =       tap
ball            =       ra (spherical)
bird            =       ziwop
dead bird       =       ziwod
bitch           =       nagahu
bitch (female dog ) =   bowopozhuz (4 legs, mammel, positive, carnivour
brat            =       tage
bug (to bug)    =       b@p
but             =       -y
canine          =       bowozhuz (carnivour, mammel, 4 legs mobile)
care for        =       emakso
carnivour       =       zhu
        we(n)   =       b@n
        we(f)   =       ben
        we(m)   =       bon
        you(n)  =
        you(f)  =
        you(m)  =
        I(n)    =       hi
        I(f)    =       he
        I(m)    =       ho
        it      =       hi
        she     =       he
        he      =       ho
        them    =
        they    =
        us(n)   =
        us(f)   =
        us(m)   =
center          =       dili
close           =       ve
cold            =       we
cold water      =       zonowe
coldest         =       wa

        red             =       sha
        yellow          =       she
        green           =       shei
        blue            =       shi
        indigo          =       shio
        violet          =       sho

        brown           =       shaey
        black           =       sh@

comfortable             =       vi
to make         =       go
        destructive     = ga
        Destructive     = ge
        Neutral         = gi
        Constructive    = go
        Constructive    = gu

dead            =       -b
death (close
family)         =       shazolve
death sadness   =       emneshazovel
destructive     =       ge
did give        =       nogope
        very down       = da
        down            = de
        level           = di
        up              = do
        very up/high    = du

        very Left       = la
        left            = le
        straight        = li
        right           = lo
        far right       = lu
distant         =       vu

DISTANCE (in time or space, also used for family relationship):
        very close      = va
        close           = ve
        comformtable    = vi
        far             = vo
        very far        = vu
dog             =       bowopozhu
dogs back       =       bowopozhuzdo (might change this)
down            =       de
downest         =       da
earth (soil)    =
eight           =       bui
eighth          =       bui
emotion         =       em
EMOTIONS:       = Em (for ny emotion)
        Very weak emotion       = Ema
        Weak emotion            = Eme
        Emotion                 = Emi (or just Em) (can be neutral emotion).
        Strong Emotion          = Emo
        Very Strong Emotion     = Emu
        (see below on usages).
energy          =       za
ex/former       =       -l
boyfriend       =       gaha
girlfriend      =       gahu
exboyfriend     =       nagaha
exgirlfriend    =       nagahu
family          =
far             =       vo
far Right       =       lu
(non political)
far future      =       pu
feel            =       so
feeling (em)    =       empi
feeling (to)    =       sopi
feelings        =       emn
female          =       ho
females         =       hon
family (normal) =       shazo
family (close)  =       shazove
fifth           =       bu
finger          =       bulingo
fingers         =       bulingon
first           =       ba
fish            =       zowep
five            =       bu
flak            =       tagaz
fly             =       b@zi
        (solid)         =       zuza
        (liquid)        =       zoza
        (semi)          =       zozay
        (gasous)        =       ziza
four            =       bo
fourth          =       bo
red fox         =       bowosha
fox             =       boworhe
front           =       da
fun             =       aknop
future          =       po
gain            =       -g
gas/vapor       =       zi
gave            =       nogopa
        Very Male       = ha
        Male            = he
        Neutral         = hi
        Female          = ho
        Very Female     = hu
get             =       peg
getting         =       pog
got             =       pig
grief           =       emuvanopi
hand            =       diako
handed          =       diakog
hands           =       diakon
happy           =       emno
he              =       he
has to give     =       noakog
hear            =       sa
hell            =       torigadewu
hellish         =       wu
her             =       baho
herbivour       =       zha
high            =       du
him             =       bahe
hot             =       wo
hot water       =       zonowo
human           =       bewo (two leg)
        human male      bewohe
        human female    bewoho
I               =       ba
I am            =       ba
ice             =       zuzo
ice             =       zuzo (Solid liquid)
in              =       ak@g
indigo          =       shio
insect          =       b@p
inside          =       va
irregular       =       ri
is              =       -y      (change?)
jump            =       akodopo
jumped          =       akodo
jumping         =       akodopi
known           =       nu
language        =       monuhe
lazy            =       akni
left            =       le
left side       =       le
life            =       bep
        Living          =       -p
        Non-living      =       -b
        Living if
following a constanent  =       -@p
        -p for living is not always needed, normally only if the animal
        is not-living/not-mobile or not sure do you use the reverse.
liquid          =       zo
living          =       -p
lizard          =       wep
loss            =       -l
lost            =       -l
lot of grief    =       emuvanopin
love            =       emakno (emotion action positive)
low             =       da
male            =       he
mammel          =       wop
Mammelpowered   =       woen@p
many            =       b@
marriage        =       giaktzu
masculine       =       ha

        Energy          = za
        Plasma          = ze
        Gas             = zi
        Liquid          = zo
        Solid           = zu
        What if (Semi)  = -y
men             =       he
middle          =       li
might give      =       nogoy
mine            =       bapo
        mobile          =       -z
        non-mobile      =       -d
mobile          =       -z
movement/action =       ak
my              =       bapi
name            =       -t
NAMES: (suffixes to designate that something is a proper name (Michael)
or a items name (Orange), not always necessary due to how subjects are
        Proper Name     = -t
        Other names
        (thing)         = -s (not always needed)
negative        =       ne
neuter          =       hi
neutral         =       di
neutral liquid  =       gizo
nil             =       b@
nine            =       buo
ninth           =       buo
no              =       ne
nonliving       =       -b
nonmobile       =       -d
nothing         =       b@
NUMBERS (also used for number of legs for mobility):
        zero            =       b@
        one             =       ba
        first           =       ba
        two             =       be
        twice           =       be
        second          =       be
        third           =       bi
        thrice          =       bi
        three           =       bi
        four            =       bo
        fourth          =       bo
        five            =       bu
        fifth           =       bu
        six             =       bua     (5+1, one hand +1 finger)
        sixth           =       bua
        seven           =       bue
        seventh         =       bue
        eight           =       bui
        eighth          =       bui
        nine            =       buo     (5+4)
        ninth           =       buo
        ten             =       buu     (two hands)
        tenth           =       bebu
        many            =       by
omnivour        =       zhi
one             =       ba
orange          =       shae
other           =       zh@
outside         =       vu
over            =       akdo
pain (em-s)     =       baem            ?
pain (em-p)     =       b@em            ?
pain (phy-p)    =       bafiem          ?
pain (phy-p)    =       b@fiem          ?
past            =       pe
physical (fi)   =       fi
planet          =       rato
planet earth    =       ratove
plasma          =       ze
plural          =       -n
        singular - self (I)     =
        singular - other (he)
        plural - self  (we)     = -en
        plural - other (they)   = -in
        if after a contanent then add an "e" before the suffix.
        as in -en.
positive        =       no

POSITIVE or NEGATIVE (action/emotion/event):
        Very negative   = na
        Negative        = ne
        Neutral         = ni
        Positive        = no
        Very positive   = nu
(EXAMPLES: I am angry with her - An emne Anho -
        1 : emotion, negative : 1 female
        It is assumed the above is present case.)
possess         =       pig

        possesive -k
        he has          = hek
        she has         = hok
        they have       = hikin
        we have         = hiken

possible        =       p@
present (t)     =       pi
question        =       -y
quick           =       akop
rain            =       zodez
raining         =       zodepiz
rectangle       =       ru
right           =       lo
right side      =       lo
round           =       ra
running water   =       zonowo
sadness         =       emne
say             =       sa
seamammel       =       zowop
second          =       be
see             =       se
seen            =       sepe
self            =       da
        hear/say        = sa
        see/Visual      = se
        taste           = si
        feel            = so
        smell           = su
        think           = s@
seven           =       bue
seventh         =       bue

         spherical      = ra
        square          = re
        irregular       = ri
        triangle        = ro
        rectangle       = ru
        other           = r@

she             =       ho
should give     =       nogo
side            =       li
six             =       bua
sixth           =       bua
        Tiny            = Ta
        Small           = Te
        Medium          = Ti
        Large           = To
        Hugh            = Tu

slush           =       zuzoy (semi-solid liquid)
slush           =       zuzoy
smell           =       su
solid           =       zu
speech          =       monuhe

        Very slow       = Ka
        Slow            = Ke
        Neutral         = Ki
        Fast            = Ko
        Very fast       = Ku
spider          =       buip
spirit          =       empuza
square          =       re
        Plural          = -n
        question        = -y or by it self.
        proper names    = -t (only used if needed, loan names).
        other names
        (things)        = -s (not always needed)
        living          = -p
        nonliving       = -b
        mobile          = -z
        nonmobile       = -d
        needs           = -@
        wants           = -x
        question        = -y (Also What if, written "y" )
        gain            = -g
        loss            = -l
        If a suffix is after a constanent, then add a "@" to the front
        of the suffix.

sun             =       zeset
stable          =       gi
stay            =       aknig
stays           =       akni
strong action   =       ako
talk            =       sa
talk about      =       saba
 (liquid, orange
 (red/yellow), food     = zozashae
taste           =       si

        Very Cold       = Wa
        Cold            = We
        Warm            = Wi
        Hot             = Wo
        Very Hot        = Wu
ten             =       buu
tenth           =       bebu
        Ancient         = Pa
        Past            = Pe
        Present         = Pi
        Future          = Po
        Far future
        (or what if?)   = Pu
        What if         = Py
the             =       ech (for translation sake, normally not needed)
they            =       hik
a thing/
an object       =       -s
third           =       bi
three           =       bi
together        =       gibe
touch           =       so
triangle        =       ro
two             =       be
unknown         =       -y
up              =       do
verb            =       ak
verbal          =       sa
verbal abuse    =       aksane
very Hot        =       wu
very Negative   =       na
very Right      =       lu (dir)
very close      =       va
constructive    =       gu
destructive     =       ga
very far        =       vu
very female/
feminine        =       hu
very left       =       la
very male/
masculine       =       ha
very positive   =       nu
very sure       =       nu
very strong
action          =       aku
very up         =       du
very weak
action          =       aka
view            =       se
violence        =       akga
violet          =       sho
viral           =       tapy (tiny semi
want            =       -x
warm            =       wi
water           =       zogi (neutral liquid)
water           =       zono
we              =       hi
weak            =       ake
weak action     =       ake
what            =       -y
what if         =       p@
whats           =       -y
will give       =       nogopo
will see        =       nosepo
with            =       gi
women           =       ho
WRITING: Probably based sort of on Tengwar, but not the same.
yellow          =       she
yes             =       no
zero            =       ba@
(non human)     cr
(sentient)      be
action          ak
emotion         em
direction       di
thing/object    th
natural         na
(rock, table)
force           fo
color           co
sense (touch/see/
hear/taste)     se
relationship    re
distance        di

I sees          visual, singular self, present tense (neuter gender)
she sees        visual, singular femine self, present tense
I sees          visual, singular (self), present tense
they see        visual, plural (other), present
he was seen     visual, singular masculine other, past tense
we will see     visual, future tense, plural

Modern English

1A.Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.2A.As men moved 
eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there.3A.They said to 
each other, "Come, let's make bricks and bake them thoroughly." They used 
brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar.4A.Then they said, "Come, let us 
build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we 
may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the 
whole earth."5A.But the Lord camedown to see the city and the tower that the 
men were building.6A.The Lord said, "If as one people speaking the same 
language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be 
impossible for them.7A.Come, let us go down and confuse their language so 
they will not understand each other."8A.So the Lord scattered them from 
there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.9A.That is why 
it was called Babel -- because there the Lord confused the language of the 
whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole 
earth.:A.Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version. 
Copyright (C) 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by 
permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.