Like others, I suspect, I'm not really up on the Star Wars universe(s). What material exists? would you be willing to post some (or all, if not too much) of it, to give us an idea of what there is to work with? We might be able to provide some criticisms/ideas, and I'm sure we would promise not to steal your idea !! :-))

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Secha rahait pilaova sheri ta Kel-Dorín trevkonyaru, tumpi bashese  seti 
bashit uchasan bedraya vemyaru. Ta sitagós shola fidiri kozhá ta lapanarit  
nalpyurikiena kipón, biráf vey prundji yodjenún beylatsyana! Kiinizhe  
ruvyaren ta Itlantanú: Iskem vey yavyo!

Welcome to the list!

Although I have no knowledge concerning the Kel Dor, i just want to  
encourage you on your project. Constructing a language from a small number of  
extant canonical examples seems like it would be a challenge, an adventure, and 
a lot of fun! As the Itlani would say: Success and joy!

Dralkadím ta ritarenese!

Tsiasuk (aka Jim)

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First  off, brand spanking-new to the list, so please don't shoot me if I  
inadvertently violate any established etiquette, but I'm about to begin work 
on my first major conlang, largely as a hobby exercise. I've recently 
become  fascinated with the Kel Dor species of the Star Wars universe, and am 
hoping  to create a plausible complete version of their language based on the 
very few  "canon" examples we have of it. I'm looking for suggestions on it 
every step  of the way, to make it as realistic as possible given my 
knowledge  constraints-and the probability of future lexicon changes from those in 
charge  of the IP. Help?