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>Anyway, since these are taken from hand-written notes, there may be some
>errors in the transmission.  Also, due to the nature of the project, there
>was no one definite Kalusa.  This is just a collection of bits that I found
>here and there.

What were your source for these?  They seem to have a strangely skewed distribution, especially among the verbs and nouns: you've got loads of them up through N in the alphabet and a pittance afterwards!  For me this heightens the tragedy: there will have been lots of other words just as deserving of remembrance and rehoming as these below that are now lost to obscurity merely 'cause they started with a sound the Phoenicians put later.  

I remember that Gary began compiling a dictionary on his webpages in alphabetical order, once.  Is this the result of that?

The dedicated might be able to extract more from the preserved materials at .  

>Foto Photograph

Huh, I don't particularly remember any of that sort of bland international vocabulary adoption.  Must be post-classical.


A'Tuin is the turtle who supports Pratchett's Discworld, and (intendedly) referred to same in the Kalusa material too, though not all of us were aware of this at the time!

>Presumably Kalusa is a noun or name in its own language ... though I can't
>know for sure.

Eh, if I encountered this in the wild, I wouldn't presume; there are really quite a lot of exonyms among the language names out there.