2014-02-09 0:19 GMT+00:00 Eric Christopherson <[log in to unmask]>:

> I'm wondering if any con- or natlang uses a <yh> digraph. Recently, when
> we were discussing English <wh>, I was struck (not for the first time) by
> how aesthetically pleasing I think <wh> is compared to <hw> -- but how
> awful <yh> or <jh> look compared to <hy> or <hj>.

Could that be a matter of being used to one over the other? In my mind all
six pairs would express different sounds (though I know in reality it isn't

> However, I just came across the name of Congolese politician Joachim
> Yhombi-Opango. Does anyone know if the <yh> in his name is a digraph,
> perhaps for /รง/ or /j_0/? I'm not even sure what language the name is from.

He is Teke (or Bateke). Though I admit I don't know the pronunciation of
the YH digraph.