Hallo conlangers!

On Sunday 09 February 2014 21:24:30 Harman Miller wrote:

> I decided this would be a good time to organize some of my Tirëlat
> grammatical notes and put them up on the web. So here's some notes about
> nouns in Tirëlat.

Interesting.  Your articles are *almost* prepositions, "almost"
because they also mark number and, with nominative and accusative,
gender, which prepositions usually don't do.

> I tried using an embedded font rather than the old "font face" tag, so
> you won't have to download and install the Kjaginic font. Try the link
> and see if that seems to work.

Works well with me (Firefox on Linux, don't ask me which versions
at the moment).

It is a nice alphabet, too.  I like featural scripts; not easy to
make them such that the letters don't look too much alike, though.
But I think yours does a good job.

It seems that /ĕ/ is not written at all; is that correct?

> I've only got a handful of examples there for now. Maybe I'll add more
> if I get around to it. What I really ought to do next is put up a page
> on the verbs.

This language is beautiful and looks very interesting; I'd like
to see more of it.  Keep on!

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