Leonardo Castro [[log in to unmask]] wrote:

> I'm considering designing languages based on an uchronia when
> Europeans decide not to discover America and then the territory of the
> continent's area is progressively divided by states that arise there.
> Maybe the expansionism of the pre-existing states (Aztec, Inca, etc.)
> would inspire-force many tribes to join into other ones to defend
> themselves.
> But maybe if I take a look at conlangs that possibly already exist and
> are based on a similar idea, I'll be satisfied and get this idea out
> of my head. Do you know any uchronlangs like what I described?

Our own Daniel Andreasson and Dirk Elzinga have worked on Native conlangs.
Last messages on Conlang for "Native American conlang" date back to 2003, but there
might be other search criteria to look at. Also some fellow by name of  Mike Karapcik 
that I don't recognise at all. You might look into asking Daniel, and looking up Dirk's 
conlang Miapimoquitch.

Dunno if any of these conlangs' worlds fit your specific question or not, but at least
you've got some Native conlangs to look at!

You could try combing the (rather sparse) Archive of the group "arboriconlang",

One thing you might consider, rather than just the expansion of the Aztecs and
Inca is checkout out the Mound Builders:
They were building gargantuan earthworks before the Egyptians started on their
pyramids (pace Ancient Alien Theorists!) In other words, there is room here for a very
large empire, stretching at least from Louisiana up into the Great Lakes region and
all along the Mississippi and Ohio valleys.


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