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> I disagree on English terms. Here is my attempt to put all English terms of
> aspects in one table.

Some of those don't seem aspectual at all (attributive and referential
description, for instance?).  I can't comment on the Lojban particles
that you're translating or glossing there, but some of the English
example sentences seem rather contrived; are those without Lojban
glosses representing aspects attested in some other conlang or
natlang, or ideas for possible or theoretical aspects, or what?

And if "perdurative unlike delimitative says that the time spent on
activity could have been managed in a more efficient way", then "I
lived in the city for one year" seems like a bad example.  Maybe "It
took me a year to come up with a satisfying verb morphology for my new
conlang"?  Or more briefly "It took him a year to find a job"?

Here are some other sources of ideas for verb aspect in conlangs:

The 32 Ithkuil aspects:

Rick Harrison's essay on verb aspect:

Jim Henry