Hi all

unlurking... and apologies in advance if this has been discussed before.

I'd like to use xml to keep track of word paradigms - a kind of extended
dictionary representation which will allow me to keep track of the
theoretically possible forms, the forms actually found in a corpus, variants,
and so on.

The language I'd like to analyze in this way - typical IE
"declination/conjugation table geek" language - uses roots and rules of
derivation to construct words which are then subject to declination or
conjugation, so there are lots of forms to keep track of. I'd like to be able
to represent the relationship from root to base to stem to full paradigm, so I
can browse (using appropriate software) from a form to its base and vice-versa.

So my question to the list: has this been done before, and if so, where can I
find it?