One of the first words in what became Kēlen came from the periodic table:
Ge As Se
became Geathe, which eventually became the name Kīþje and the word stem
-kīþ- (rock, stone).


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> Here is how I coined the word for “oil” in Asirka. Here in Alberta, Canada,
> we have a petroleum company called Pembina. One day I was driving from
> Edmonton to Grande Prairie to see my fiancé (we have since married J) a 500
> km drive. I crossed the Pembina River on highway 43. I began mulling what I
> could do with that. It came to me that I should drop the first syllable and
> just use “bina” for the word. There are times that I see other words
> derived
> from other “unusual” sources.  When I see potentials, I note them down to
> be
> revisited later. My husband worked at a taco shop at that time. There was a
> sign out front advertising “Burrito Tuesday.” I saw the word “ritotu”
> though
> to date, I have not used it. I’d love to see what other creations others
> have come up with.
> Scott

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