On 27/03/2014 09:38, taliesin the storyteller wrote:
> IMHO, if you're artlanging, "Bretaineis" looks more
> exotic,

But I'm not artlanging    ;)

  less French
>> and more rare than "Bretainois". With the latter I
>> think:
> "pseudo-French".

Yes, i was told that if I adopted _Bretainois_ people would
pronounce it /brətenwa/    :(

One would hope, however, that in context one would realize
it wasn't French.   Darn French - why couldn't their
spelling reflect the pronunciation a bit more closely!  ;)

Of course it could, in Britain, have developed /oi/ -> /ui/
- but, hey, I'm slipping into artlanging    :)

With the former I think: "whoa, what's this?"

> t., who now is curious about Rhaetian

"Ein Kopf, der auf seine eigene Kosten denkt,
wird immer Eingriffe in die Sprache thun."
[J.G. Hamann, 1760]
"A mind that thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language".