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>>The Correspondence Library has PIE to Latin:
>I took a quick look thru some of this-- in particular the Austronesian section, and the IE > Latin et al. sections. There are a lot of mysterious items; I think I'd take it all with several grains of salt............

Yeah, one of the things that needs prudence when using the Correspondence Library is that it's built rather pieishly, omnium-gatherum: some of the sections are incomplete lists of changes extracted from articles that focus on only certain segments, or only contain them accidentally; or even when two successive lists of changes are both reasonably complete standing alone, they might be using different reconstructions of the shared stage so they don't mesh together.  

My recommendation for diachrony of Latin would be Michael Weiss, _Outline of the Historical and Comparative Grammar of Latin_, <>.  While he was still drafting the book, many years ago now, he used to have PDFs of each chapter online, and they were quite a treat.