I do like the idea of creating dialect differences! I gather that’s not often done by conlangers.  

For added realism, there should eventually be some cross-dialect borrowing, so that while most words in standard Bretainois show /e/ > /oi/, a few (perhaps mainly terms relating to country life) could show an unexpected reflex /ei/. There should also be some /ei/~/oi/ doublets, showing subtle (or not so subtle) semantic differences.  

Also, let me point out that the ethnonym doesn’t have to follow regular sound changes, and can very well be borrowed from a different dialect or even language. For example, français shows /e/ > /ai/, and español is apparently borrowed from Occitan (the expected reflex is *españuelo, from *HISPANIŌLUS).  

Thus, there could be a plausible story for making it ‘Bretaineis’, even if the language in general shows /e/ > /oi/.  


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