In the fall of 2013 work began for the third ED Benchmarking Summit which was held on February 22-23, 2014 in Las Vegas.  The methodology employed a modified Delphi approach.  More than 40 ED leaders from across the country (representing stakeholders from academia, community hospitals, stakeholder organizations and industry) participated. The Benchmarking Summit involved the intense work of four separate workgroups;

The Four Workgroups:
*             Operating Characteristics/Endogenous and Exogenous Factors
*             Time Stamps and Time Intervals
*             Proportion Metrics and Process Definitions
*             Utilization Measures.

Through conference calls and face to face meetings started with the 2010 definitions and collectively decided to keep the definition, edit the definition or retire the definition. All in attendance at the Las Vegas meeting reviewed, discussed and debated the proposed definitions and updated the grids with the result. Where there were limitations or controversies the workgroups have noted these on the grids. The resulting 2014 Draft definitions appear on the grids accessed through the links at
The ED Benchmarking Alliance and our participating colleagues invite your comments<> through May 2, 2014 at close of business. We appreciate your serious consideration of these measures important to all of us in emergency medicine.

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