I think most families would assume you are intending to take excellent care of their child without you saying that. Moreover, if the care doesn't turn out as well as intended, the family could think that this less than optimal care is how you define "excellent care' since you have already told them you were going to give it, rather than trying your best to give it..     

So, I think it is presumptuous to say specifically "We are going to give excellent care to ....." because we know there can always be glitches and what we want to do doesn't always happen.  So, I usually change the statement to something like "We will do everything we can to care for Johnny/Suzie in the best way we know how. "  and follow it with a question something like "What are you most worried about?"   


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A family brings their child to your emergency department.  If you say, "We are going to take excellent care of Johnny/Suzie", how do you think this will make the patient/parent/family feel?  Will they feel reassured and comforted, or will they feel like you are self-promoting or trying to manipulate them?  Do you think this simple statement would influence their impression of the visit afterwards?  Do any of you work in institutions that encourage you to use specific statements in your interactions with families?  If so, what statement(s)?  Does anyone know of any evidence to support this?

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