>Gilgamesh went abroad in the world, but he met with none who could
>withstand his arms till he came to Uruk.
>Does anyone here speak/read Akkadian or Sumerian?  What is the word here translated as arms?
> Which sort of arm does it mean?

This is a really free prose translation. The closest thing which the original Akkadian seems to have is line 65 of tablet 1: _ul īši šāninamma, tebû kakkūšu_ 'he has no rival, his weapons are ready' where the used word is _kakku(m)_ 'weapon' (a loanword from Sumerian _kak_), pl. _kakkū_, with masc. poss. _kakkūšu_ 'his weapons'. The word for 'arm' in the body part sense is _aḫu(m)_ (<ḫ> = [x]).

For a line-by-line translation of the Akkadian text, you can download Andrew George's book from here, btw:

>Or does it have the same polysemy as the English word?

Is it really polysemy in English? I would rather say it's accidental homophony since the meaning 'weapon' is from French, and the two don't seem to interact further, as far as I'm aware. (Unless perhaps in 'sidearm'? Mhm...)