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> Does this mean the speakers of Moten believe they can predict the future
> or actually see into the future?
Not so much "predict" as "forecast". Events can be foreseen in time just
like a wooden log seen upstream can be expected to eventually float all the
way to where you are right now. The metaphor is not perfect, but metaphors
of time as space seldom are :P.

> I can see certain phrases coming out like "the river brings a prophecy" or
> "to search the waters for an outcome".
Mmmm... I don't know. The Moten culture is as much a mystery to me as it is
to anyone else (what with the only known native speaker of the language
suffering from some kind of amnesia that kept his knowledge of the language
intact, but made him forget anything relating to his origins. things are
slowly coming back, like cultural metaphors like the one I mentioned in
this thread, but it's still not enough to open much of a door to whatever
the Moten culture is like). In any case, that single known native speaker
isn't the type to believe in predicting the future (beyond *forecasting*,
as I mentioned above), but that doesn't say much about the culture he's
coming from.

> That would be neat!
There could be some expressions involving streams. I do know the Moten
culture places special importance on waterways (since for instance the word
for road literally means "river of ground"), so it's not implausible. But
I'm going out on a limb here and I'll need to study the language more to be
able to reply for certain :).

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