2014-05-10 23:34, Herman Miller skrev:
> MAIKA is a Spanish Vocaloid singer from Voctro Labs.
> The other day I ran across a YouTube video of MAIKA singing in
> Portuguese (a cover of the Japanese song "Bad Apple").
> That got me to thinking: if she can sing in Spanish and
> Portuguese, she might have most of the phonemes I need for
> Tirëlat. So I downloaded a trial version and started testing it
> out. Here's a recording of some of the tests I did:
> With relatively little effort I was able to make clear,
> intelligible renderings of Tirëlat lyrics ... with a Spanish
> accent, but better than any of my previous attempts to make a
> female Tirëlat singer in Utau. I did have occasional problems: [N
> i] sounded like [g i] for some reason, so I substituted [J i], and
> there's no reliable substitute for Tirëlat's voiceless r.
> Surprisingly, [s l] at the beginning of a syllable is a decent
> imitation of Tirëlat's lateral fricative /ɬ/ (and if that doesn't
> work, [f l] and [T l] are alternatives).

Back when I fooled around with an American English speech
synthesizer I faked [r] with "ddd", however "ttt" didn't make a
good [r̥] but "dθdθdθ" did! You might try "rrTrr" as per the
table below!  Likeways "lTl" might give a good [ɬ].
Have you tried "GJi", "JGi" or "GJGi" for [ŋi]?
For some reason that ancient AmEng synth had an [x], and I
faked [ʁ/ɣ] with "xrxr"! Passable at least, since there
was no [ɹ] in my target langs (Sohlob, Sindarin and Quenya)!

Caveat: I never tried to produce song, only speech!

> Take a look at the phoneme table from the Voctro website:
> Vowels         a  e  i  o  u  O  E  @  Q I0
> Semivowels     j  w  I  U
> Approximants   l r\ j\  L L0
> Taps & Trills  r rr
> Plosives       p  t  k  b  d  g  B  D  G
> Nasals         n  m  J  N
> Fricatives     s  S  f  T  x  z  Z  v  h
> Affricates    tS ts dZ dz

A bit surprising that a Spanish voice synth doesn't have a [x],
or is that "h"?