Dear TEI-L,

A Swiss colleague sent me a link to a project they're considering
using for web-based editing of TEI documents (among other XML
vocabularies), called LIME: Language Independent Markup Editor.  I'm
curious to know if anyone here has worked with it and can share their
experience with it?

In other developments on this front, I enjoyed George Bina's XML
Prague presentation, "XML Authoring On Mobile Devices," where he
demonstrated "author mode" editing of a DocBook document on an iPad
(description at, video at  The product is clearly
still under development, but very promising.

Are there other promising developments in web-based TEI editing?  (In
asking this question, I realize there are many possible approaches to
this challenge, from full XML document editing to more WYSIWYG-esque
interfaces; I don't mean to limit the question to any band on the

Thank you,