On 03/06/14 21:33, Joe Wicentowski wrote:
> Dear TEI-L,
> A Swiss colleague sent me a link to a project they're considering
> using for web-based editing of TEI documents (among other XML
> vocabularies), called LIME: Language Independent Markup Editor.  I'm
> curious to know if anyone here has worked with it and can share their
> experience with it?

The demo gets as far as "Working...Opening Document" but just sits there.

> In other developments on this front, I enjoyed George Bina's XML
> Prague presentation, "XML Authoring On Mobile Devices," where he
> demonstrated "author mode" editing of a DocBook document on an iPad
> (description at, video at
>  The product is clearly
> still under development, but very promising.

Unfortunately I missed Prague, but this sounds interesting. Even more so 
if it was for Android :-)

> Are there other promising developments in web-based TEI editing?  (In
> asking this question, I realize there are many possible approaches to
> this challenge, from full XML document editing to more WYSIWYG-esque
> interfaces; I don't mean to limit the question to any band on the
> spectrum.)

Plenty of web-based markup editors, but mostly oriented around XHTML or 
MarkDown. IMHE most TEI documents descend to considerable depths, so 
some kind of zoom function would be needed for touch devices, simply so 
that you can get down to character-level markup with your finger. I 
think the technology is there, but the UI and usability need more work.

I did once start on a twin-pane translation editor (using Cocoon), where 
the target pane replicated the element-content markup of the source 
pane, and used a separate TinyMCE instance for all mixed content, each 
one dynamically configured to allow only the element types that occurred 
in the source instance. It worked, but only on small documents. If I 
ever get the time to rework it, it will need a better solution for the 
mixed content.