On 22/06/14 16:34, Martin Holmes wrote:
> Hi James,
> Your message sent me to look at att.editLike and reminded me that
> I have an open ticket that I've shamefully neglected, to remove
> att.dimensions and att.ranging from att.editLike. That will make
> att.editLike much more sane (at the moment it allows such
> nonsense as nationality/@unit and sex/@quantity).

Hi all,

I could pretend to make arguments for both of those, but only 
because of the very bad jokes that it would enable me to make. ;-)

Yes, I didn't want to mention that att.editLike needs (and is 
pending) revision to complicate matters -- but argue that if 
<name> has att.editLike (whatever that contains) then <rs> should 
probably have the same.


Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford