I think your choices are basically three:

 (1) record the marks as literals within the appropriate <item> tag.
       For most of them there are suitable Unicode code points, and
       the underlining could be handled by one of the
       attributes, or in a pinch even by using a unicode combining
       character--assuming that you're also recording the numbers as
       If not, you'd have to do something funny with the @n values of
       or again use @rend etc.

       If the markings are something ADDED to a pre-existing
       list, you might want to mark that fact with <add>.

 (2) treat the markings as renderings of <item>, e.g. <item
      again using one of the rend/rendition/style options. This might be
      the easiest, since it would allow you to tag all of the various
      using the same system.

 (3) if you want to mark the semantics rather than the form, you might
      have to attach something like @ana to the <item>s in question.
      This is
      beyond my experience...


On Wed, Jun 4, 2014, at 14:06, Nelson, Brent wrote:
> I don't recall this being discussed on-list, but forgive me if it has
> been.  A  document I am working on is a list with many of the items
> marked: some with a check mark, others with a black X, and others with a
> red X. In some cases the item number is underscored.  I take all of these
> marks to be part of a sorting system.  Any thoughts on the best way to
> represent these markings?
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