On 25/06/14 14:07, Frederik Elwert wrote:
> Now the time of the regency is not always known for sure. From the
> discussion about recording the precision of date ranges, I remember that
> <precision> is a good solution to record this. So we’d like to record
> this like:
>   <person xml:id="djoser">
>    <state type="reign" from="-2592" to="-2566">
>      <precision match="@from" atLeast="-2592" atMost="-2567"/>
>      <precision match="@to" atLeast="-2566" atMost="-2541"/>
>    </state>
>   </person>

wouldn't it be simpler (certainly easier to process) to use the 
@notBefore and @notAfter attributes?

state type="reign" notBefore="-2592" notAfter="-2541">

or, if you care about the spans

<event type="reignStart" notBefore="-2592" notAfter="-2567">

<event type="reignEnd" notBefore="-2566" notAfter="-2541">