I am not sure if this correct practice, but my personal practice is to use zeroes for parts of a normalised dates that are missing.

@when="2001-00-00" for example

Of course it's possible that marklogic will then complain that 0 is not in the range 1-12

On 04/06/14 15:37, Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
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Hello all,

We have created a TEI P5 schema for marking up Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, a large encyclopedia about music. We building a CMS with MarkLogic to manage the publication (which will be published online in 2017), and I'm running into a problem with indexing dates in MarkLogic.

The (mostly birth- and death-) dates in MGG are not all the same: some have a month and day, others just a year. So  in the markup, some look like this:

<birth><date when="2001-09-11">11. Sept 2001</date></birth>

while others look like this: <date when="2001">2001</date>

The problem is that is seems that MarkLogic cannot create a range index of these dates, because they are not all in the same format. The only solution I have come up with is to add a second attribute that would be normalized (perhaps a custom @year attribute), but wonder if there are any better solutions. Anyone have experience with this?