The project developers for the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access
Service (TAPAS) are still seeking TEI project teams to participate as early
adopters of the TAPAS service for the next phase of project development.

*TAPAS Project Background*

TAPAS is the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service for scholars and
other creators of TEI data who need a place to publish their materials in
different forms and ensure it remains accessible over time. TAPAS also
provides a support community of other project developers and TEI experts
enthusiastic about sharing their technical and experiential knowledge of
all things TEI.

We invite you to visit for more information on the
project, its development, and participation opportunities.

*Early Adopter Phase of TAPAS*

We are currently transitioning out of the beta testing phase of the project
and into an important next phase where we are inviting TEI project teams to
begin using the TAPAS service and contribute real projects and collections
to the site. By “real” projects and collections, we mean full-fledged TAPAS
projects and collections built with non-test TEI data that can remain as
live projects on the TAPAS site once TAPAS goes public. As a note, your TEI
data need not be fully complete, as your projects will necessarily be works
in progress, but this data should not be test or placeholder data.

By launch time, we would like to have at least 35 projects visible with
working collections, metadata, and TEI data. Your contributed projects will
help demonstrate for future users the capabilities and value of the TAPAS
service, and provide a more welcoming environment for people to join. As an
early adopter, you will have the wonderful opportunity to showcase your
work. Your project would be featured in TAPAS publicity and would receive
high visibility as a featured project on the TAPAS site.

*Becoming a TAPAS Early Adopter*

If you are interested in serving as an early adopter, here’s what we would
need you to do:

   - Email us ([log in to unmask]) and we will forward you information
   on how to access the TAPAS site and create an account

   - create a new TAPAS project with full project information (description,
   logo, one or more project participants)

   - create at least one TAPAS collection with full collection information
   (description, metadata, publication settings)

   - upload one or more TEI files for that collection with full metadata,
   ideally including some fairly detailed subject and genre metadata

In order to participate, you will need to have a current TEI membership,
either as an individual ($50) or through your institution. Membership
provides critical support for both the TEI and TAPAS, so we hope you may
consider joining or rejoining if you’re not currently a TEI member.

We hope very much that you will be able to join the TAPAS community of
early adopters--if you are able to, please respond to [log in to unmask]
we will send you more details about how to proceed.



Benjamin J. Doyle

TAPAS Project Manager

Northeastern University

Email: [log in to unmask]

Twitter: @TAPAS_Project


Benjamin J. Doyle
English Department
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue, 439 Holmes Hall
Boston, MA 02115
Email: [log in to unmask]
Phone: 714.640.4798