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> Logan Streondj wrote 2014-06-27 12:51:
> > For instance the goal of Mkaw is people don't have to learn it's
> > vocabulary or grammar.
> > Rather they only have to learn a more formal version of their own 
> > language.
> > Maintaining mostly the same vocabulary, with no more than a handful of
> > new words.
> It looks like you want people to learn to annotate their speech with 
> grammatical markers. Is that it?

You make it sound so simple, but effectively yes. 
That would be all that is necessary for them to use the Mkaw IAL.

> > The Mkaw
> > mi .u yay .a kmi .i ya
> > is equivalent to
> > ya su me be eat obj food
> > and
> > ya suj moi etre manger obj nourriture
> I guess this means "I am eating food".

Technically, "I eat food." as it is infinitive.
For the imperfective, have to add that tense.

mi .u yay .a kmi ri .i ya
ya su me be -ing eat obj food

would be as close as it currently gets to "I am eating food".
Though eventually it may be able to support the natural, or a more natural version.

> If so, I hope you realize that 
> "to be" is not used as auxiliary verb in all languages. 

Please expand on this statement, or cite examples.

> Also "eating" is 
> not necessarily just a verb. There's a difference between "I am eating" 
> and "I am eaten". ;)

yes, those all have different representations. 
ya su me be -ing eat
I am eating

-ing being "imper" or imperfective aspect.

ya be -ed eat obj me
I was eaten

where -ed indicated "pst" or past-tense, i.e. jumped clamped

After the next grammar overhaul, 
which I already have in comments,
though may be another year till implemented,
will be able to say
ya be eat -ed
ya be eat -ing

While yes, even conjugation can be supported,
the regularized form would lead to things like "eated",
so it would require the users to contribute the exceptions,
since there is such a vast array of them.

That's why planning on making it a gamefied experience,
where people can do work for the Mkaw compiler,
motivated by various incentive strategies.

The better the Mkaw compiler can assimilate a language,
the more knowledge is available to all languages it supports.
And the easier it is for the computer to understand humans.

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