I do not find anything on the Blue Language at the address given.

It is, however, freely available at the Austrian National Library,
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, in its so-called
'Esperanto collection.' Also called the  Sammlung für Plansprachen with
'over 500 IALs documented.'

You should all be aware of that wonderful resource for older works on IALs.
I recommend you all go there.  Many works are in German or French however. 

"The Collection of Planned Languages holds 35,000 library volumes, 22,000
photographs and photographic negatives, 40,000 pamphlets, 2,500 periodical
titles, 3,000 museum objects, 5,000 autographs and manuscripts as well as
1,200 posters."

However, those feely downloadable (no log-in needed) include Esperanto
things and books on IALs not in real competition with Esperanto today. I
suppose this reflects Eo funding for scanning at some point. So don't look
for downloadable Ido materials!

There are, however, scores of early projects that you can get. I have gotten
most of them. Things are called DigitalesObjekt and you may have to save
page by page.

Incidentally, I find Bollack books at:

I don't know if that will work for you. I just asked for a search for

Regards,                                                  Leo
Leo John Moser

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I just got a copy. It’s rather interesting!

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