Thomas Ruhm wrote:

>There is conlang cooking, stories in conlang, conhistory, maps, conscripts, songs and sure a lot more, but I don't know much about conlang visual arts. Well, there are some very nice designed websites. But are there conlangs where it is a major part? I should know, but I only just realised that I didn't bother much about that yet.


The Ithkuil ornamental script (see Section 11.6 of the online grammar for an example) is designed to function as a visual art form.  I have yet to adapt it to the revised version of the language (it was originally designed for use with the short-lived Ilaksh language) but once I finally adapt it, it is my intention to construct sculpted wall hangings of various sayings, mottos, literary passages, etc.  Additional examples of the ornamental script can be seen on the opening background slide of my presentation at LCC5.

--John Q.