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>>I'm not familiar with this use of "conjunct" and "disjunct".  What do they do?  Some crosscutting version of marking person, as seems to be going on in your examples?
>Conjunct and disjunct are terms used in discussions of Awa Pit, a Barbacoan language of South AMerica. Fundamentally, conjunct marks the knower (1st person in statements, 2nd person in questions) and disjunct marks the other persons.

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> As for conjunct-disjunct in Utu Nes (and its inspiration Awa Pit), here's the article. Any miscomprehension in the set up of Utu Nes is my fault.

Belated thanks for these.  Also, it's just hit me what you were doing
with the name _Utu Nes_...

Seeing Jeff Jones this weekend reminded me of something I'd been
meaning to point out.  In talks on conlanging, he has given
knower-listener pronouns as an example of a non-Earthly feature some
of his sketches incorporate, but this appears to be ANADEWed after
all, the same as conjunct-disjunct marking, to first order.  Moreover,
your first mention, on the 11th above, used Jeff's term "knower"!  Is
this coincidence, independent noticing of this precedent, me (and
Jeff?) having forgotten earlier discussion, ...?