On 15/08/2014 07:15, MorphemeAddict wrote:
> I've heard Humira the same way as you, but it doesn't
> bother me much.

It doesn't bother me either - I hit the mute button as soon
as the commercials start       :)


n 15/08/2014 03:33, Roger Mills wrote:
> 2. A drug for rheumatroid arthritis is being pushed,
> called _Humira_. Now, my native intuition says that _i_
> ought to be [i[ or  [I] as in "pier"-- right? But the
> announcers call it [hjumEr\a] very clearly with the
> vowel of "pear".
> Does anyone else watch enough TV to have caught these?

I've _seen_ the Trivago advert but haven't a clue what's
being said.  I don't ever recall seeing one for Humira, and
I certainly wouldn't hear how 'twas said.

It ain't the pronunciations that annoy me - just the
interruption to the program I'm watching.    ;)

"Ein Kopf, der auf seine eigene Kosten denkt,
wird immer Eingriffe in die Sprache thun."
[J.G. Hamann, 1760]
"A mind that thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language".