I know I started a petition on the forums for SC to have a stretch goal for conlangs for the in-game races and I did recommend that the LCS be contacted and used however whether or not my (rather successful I can happily say) petition was a direct result in this stretch goal being implemented and realises I have no idea. I'm a saddened by the fact that they are not going through the board.

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If this is becomes a Hollywood-centered operation (or a Silicon-Valley one).

If Klingon or Pakuni (first conlangs contracted for) are guidance,
the producers will go to the UCLA or UC Berkeley Linguistics Department and
have the languages created by persons who
had never paid any attention to any artlang before.

Regards,              Leo

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So the crowd-funded space simulation game "Star Citizen"
recently reached their $50 million stretch goal, for which they had promised
to add 3 professionally made conlangs for their 3 major alien cultures to
the game world.  I was looking forward to seeing their job add on our jobs

Unfortunately, I've heard through the grapevine that the responsibles at SC
already have one or more specific conlangers in mind and might already be
close to signing contracts.  :(  A pity!

Does anyone happen to know more?  I don't assume anyone on this list is
involved?  I guess you wouldn't be allowed to speak up if you had signed an
NDA, but SC strikes me as a pretty transparent and non-secret affair...

In any case, the fact that three conlangs are being commissioned for a game
is a good sign.  Let's hope it gives our cause a bit more publicity and
incites other producers to do likewise!


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