I'm thinking of using 3rd person pronouns that are not gender and number based but are distinguished according to the role of their antecedents (or whatever term covers both anaphoric and cataphoric). I'm wondering if any natlangs do this.

In the matrix clause
woman-Don child-Rcp soup-Thm spoon-Ins feed-Pst
"the woman fed the child soup with a spoon."
there are 4 arguments, each with a different role.

In the adverbial phrase
3Don-Agt 3Ins-Pat wash-Pro-Tmp
"Before washing it,"
2 of the matrix arguments are used: 3Don referring to the woman and 3Ins referring to the spoon.

In the English translation, "it" could refer instead to the soup, if it made sense.

Note: -Agt and -Pat are probably marked like -Don and -Thm, respectively.