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Hello all,
I am an aspiring author writing a science fiction story involving alien languages (two of them). I have much of what I want out of them but I can't think of how to make them sound real.

The languages are completely visual from a species with the ability to quickly change various colours in various patterns all while changing their skin's texture. They're kind of like some octopuses and squid in that way. The two languages are from two different cultures which are very focused on two religions. One is very much like Christianity and the other much like Islam. In the story the Medieval-Christian-type aliens come down and begin to force their religion and then later come the Muslim-type aliens with their own religion to force.
Either way, they are very focused on their religions and I want to make their languages about that but I want to use the particularly alien element of a visual body colour/texture language.
What do you think I should do?

Here are the alphabets and the base 16 numeral system (made with PBS' Alphabet Synthesis Machine):

As you can see I have already begun assigning colour and texture patterns to letters in both languages and giving names in the languages for the numerals. But from there I'm mostly stuck.

What do you think I should do for grammar and/or syntax for these languages?