Den 2014-09-16 23:49, Alex Fink skrev:
> So, how about a relay where what's passed along is a conscript?  You
> Anyone interested, have ideas for improvements, etc.?

This is an awesome idea, but I'm really a bit concerned about the
production of graphics. Cerebral palsy and WYSIWYG on-screen
drawing really don't go well together so my remaining options
would be scanning of hand-drawn signs which certes would not be
pretty or MetaPost which potentially would take forever. I'm
afraid I can't count on getting someone close to me to polish up
my drawings.

Having done my share of adapting Melin's Swedish Shorthand to
various languages I know how challenging and interesting these
things can be so I'd hate not being able to participate.

Also would influence from an existing script for a language count
as cheating?

Also a tip for those of you who don't have a proper scanner but
have an iphone: there is an app called Scanner Pro by readdle
which allows you to make really good line-drawing scans with the
iphone camera. I've recently been using it in preference to
xeroxing from non-home loan books at the library. If you mute the
phone you can use it in the middle of the reading room without
disturbing anybody! There are a number of similar apps for iphone
and also for android which I haven't tried since this one is so
good and my galaxytab 3 is too bulky an alternative for these
things. Iˈm myself amazed at what this app can do!

I have compiled an unincidentally script-related sampler:


BTW wouldn't Dropbox be an alternative for passing graphics


[^1]: Especially when you're mostly constrained not to add new
    signs as with shorthand -- wotsup with using Swedish {Ö} for
    English /eɪ/ or Swedish /χ/ for Sohlob or Rhodrese _z_!? (The
    explanation is that Swedish /χ/~{Sj} looks like an enlarged {J},
    which is a good pendant to the similar {Tj} sign I'm using for
    _c_. {Ö} -> /eɪ/ are simply the odd men out after other vowels
    have been more sensibly assigned!)