Hi All,

A week or two ago I posted a YouTube video called "The Sounds of Angosey."  I recently published a short blog post with a very basic description of Angosey phonology.  I also discussed how strange it was to finally hear my language spoken.  Then I started to wonder:  what does Angosey actually sound like to other people?

I designed it to sound euphonious and exotic.  I specifically did not want it to sound like any Earth language I knew - and in particular I wanted it very different than English.  If you wouldn't mind, check out the video and let me know what you think (and please excuse the poor audio, it was on my laptop microphone).

Do you find it euphonious (no worries if not! but I'm curious)?
Do you find it "exotic sounding," whatever that is? Why or why not?
What other languages (con- or nat) does it remind you of?

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